Organization Bylaws

Organization Bylaws

The following bylaws were adopted  11/1/2012 by the Executive Board of the SLS. They were approved by a vote of the membership 12/15/2012 and went into effect.

For more information about the functioning of the SLS, including governance and activities, click HERE.

Bylaws of the Slavic Linguistics Society

Article I.  NAME

The name of the association shall be the Slavic Linguistics Society (hereinafter referred to as the SLS or the Society).

Article II.  PURPOSE

The SLS is a nonprofit scholarly organization  which supports the international community of linguists and students interested in the systematic and scholarly study of the Slavic languages. It aspires to be as open and inclusive as possible; no school, framework, approach, or theory is presupposed.


1. Any person may become a member by payment of dues.
2. Only members may vote, hold SLS offices, and present at SLS conferences.
3. Annual dues shall be set by the Executive Board and shall cover the calendar year, from January 1st to December 31st.


1.  The Business Meeting of the SLS shall be held every year in conjunction with the SLS annual conference and is open to all members.  Decisions may be made by vote of a majority of those in attendance, or by ballot of the membership following the meeting if deemed necessary by the Executive Board.

2.  The Executive Board shall meet annually at the SLS conference.  Additional meetings of the Executive Board may be held as needed, in person or electronically.

Article V.  OFFICERS

1.  The officers of SLS shall be a Chair of the Executive Board, five additional members of the Executive Board, a Treasurer, and a Webmaster.

2.  The members of the Executive Board shall be elected by the SLS membership for three-year terms, staggered such that two members are elected each year.  Nominations shall be taken and voted on at the annual business meeting. New members’ terms shall begin immediately following the close of voting.

3.  The six members of the Executive Board shall choose one of their number to serve as Chair each year.

4.  The Treasurer shall be appointed by the Executive Board for a term of 5 years, which may be renewed.

5.  The Webmaster shall be appointed by the Executive Board for a term of 5 years, which may be renewed.

6.  The Chair of the Executive Board shall provide leadership to the Executive Board, preside at the annual SLS business meeting, and communicate the Executive Board’s actions to the membership.   The Executive Board shall ensure that a location is chosen for the annual SLS conference each year and coordinate with the local organizers; and shall oversee all other SLS activities.  In case of a tie vote of the Executive Board on any matter, the Chair shall have the deciding vote.  The Treasurer shall maintain membership records of the SLS, receive, disburse, and keep records of funds under the direction of the Executive Board, and shall make a financial report at the annual meeting.  The Webmaster shall maintain and update the SLS website, and shall be responsible for implementing any SLS activities which take place through the website.


1.  The SLS shall hold a conference once each year, at a location and with a local host to be chosen by the Executive Board.  Details of each conference, including but not limited to the date, schedule, invited speakers, and selection of abstracts, shall be determined by each year’s local organizer(s) in consultation with the Executive Board.

2.  The SLS may engage in other activities in furtherance of its goals, by action of the Executive Board or through a motion adopted at a meeting of the Society.


The Journal of the SLS shall be the Journal of Slavic Linguistics (JSL), published by Slavica Publishers.  All members shall receive a subscription to JSL.  A portion of SLS membership dues to be agreed with Slavica shall be remitted to Slavica to underwrite the cost of producing JSL.


Any proposed amendment to these bylaws must be submitted in writing to the Chair of the Executive Board and signed by 10 members in good standing.  The amendment will then be submitted to the full membership and must receive a two-thirds majority of members voting to be adopted.


In the event of dissolution of the SLS, any assets remaining after paying or making provision for the payment of all liabilities of the association, shall be disposed of exclusively for the purpose of the association to such organization(s) organized and operated exclusively for scientific or educational purposes.


These bylaws shall go into effect after approval by a majority of members in good standing voting in a ballot to be held not more than four months after the approval of these bylaws by the Executive Board.

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